Friday Night Ribs

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These ribs are good for any night of the week with the warm fall flavors of apples, shallots and pumpkin ale! This recipe was inspired by the Hallmark Channel movie “Fourth Down and Love”. Football player “Mike” (Ryan Paevey) broke his ribs during a football game and while healing, found love with Erin (Pascale Hutton)! So of course, I had to make ribs, but with an Autumn twist!


– 1 slab of ribs

– 2 apples

– 2 shallots

– 2 bottles pumpkin ale


-salt and pepper

– garlic powder


– 1/2 large onion

– pinch of sugar


The day before cooking, marinate the ribs in one bottle of pumpkin ale overnight in a covered container.

The next day, peel and chop shallots and apples. Saute in butter until softened. Add entire bottle of pumpkin ale and set on low heat, stirring occasionally. This will eventually create a compote as the beer will totally dissipate. Add a pinch of sugar to cut some of the acidity of the beer. 

On a lined baking sheet, place ribs in the center and surround with chopped carrots and onion. Sprinkle with thyme, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Top with more of the beer marinade. Cook at 375 degrees for 30-40 min. Top with apple chutney. Enjoy!

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